Development Fund

The Development Fund was created to support feature films (narratives, animation, hybrid) and short films in the development phase. To be eligible for feature film projects, a Swedish producer must be connected to the project. For the short category, the applicant must either be a resident or citizen of one of the Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland) or Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), meaning the short fund is only for the Scandinavian and Baltic regions and co-production is not permitted for the purpose of application.

The Jury

Development Feature Narrative


Project 1: Behind Closed Doors

Project 2: Dogmas 

Project 3: Lebanon Baby

Project 4: Running with the Beasts

Project 5: Tkallem

Development short


Project 1: Elswhere 

Project 2: I See You in Full Colour

Project 3: The Albatross

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