Founder – Business and Artistic Consultant

Director, Producer, Founder and Head of Festival and Industry of Malmo Arab Film Festival. Expert producer, director in television and documentary film production. He has a broad experience in project management in media production and business development within the cultural and creative industries with particular focus on diversity.
He is the General Manager of the festival. He also founded Arab Cinema in Sweden (ACIS), a company that works on distributing and promoting Arab films in Sweden.


Office Manager – Festival Coordinator  

Mohamad graduated from Al-Azhar University in Gaza 2006, department of Graphic Design.
He worked for more than 10 years in a number of NGO’s and in a media and advertising companies as a graphic designer, photographer and news producer.
Mohamad has been working in the Malmö Arab Film Festival since 2016.


MAFF Industry Days Coordinator  

Starting her journey in theater in 2010, she quickly gained talent as an actress. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Media from Beirut Arab University in 2012 and worked at Al Jazeera channel until 2014. After moving to Sweden in 2015, she actively immersed herself in the world of art and culture. Completing a year-long performing arts program, she now takes on leading roles in multiple projects. Over the last 5 years, she contributed to the Malmö Arab Film Festival in various capacities, and this year, she achieved a promotion to become the Director of MAFF Industry Days.