About MAFF


Malmö Arab Film Festival – MAFF, works as an intercultural platform for diversity and tolerance. As one of the largest film festivals with a focus on Arab cinema, outside of the Arab world, we offer a meeting ground for the Nordic and Arab film industries. MAFF has an annual structure with events and festivals all over Sweden with special projects and programs.

The festival was founded in 2011 by the general manager and artistic director Mouhamad Keblawi. Evolving from a grassroots movement the festival was initiated through a need, in Malmö and Sweden, for a space that would share and explore the Arab culture. MAFF is an intercultural meeting place, a place for discourse and bridge-building between people and cultures.

Around 80 features, short films, and documentaries from all over the world are screened during the festival. There are also competition sections, panoramas, special screenings, workshops, seminars, and celebrations. Parallel to the festival is MAFF Industry Days, MID. MID is an industry forum for collaboration between the Nordic and Arab industries.

The 11th edition of Malmö Arab Film Festival will be held April 6-11, 2021.



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