Malmö Arab Film Festival Accreditation: Your Cinema Celebration

Welcome to the world of cinema in a distinctive and special way. With pride and joy, we present to you the accreditation card for the Malmö Arab Film Festival, which not only grants you an enjoyable and exciting experience during the festival period but also opens new doors of exclusive features and privileges.

What do you get with the festival accreditation card?

  • Exclusive Access: With your accreditation, you’ll receive exclusive access to all films screened during (more than 40 films) the fourteenth edition of the festival, including the opening and closing films (Note: You will need to obtain a free ticket for the film you wish to watch from the ticket office).
  • It’s not just an accreditation card; it’s a membership in the Malmö Arab Film Festival that entitles you to members’ discounts on all events organized by the festival throughout the year 2024 (for example, Arab Women Film Days).

Join the world of cinema in an unparalleled way and get your card now for a unique and exciting cinematic experience during the upcoming film festival.

Standard – accreditation cost 500 SEK 

Student, Senior – accreditation cost 400 SEK 

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