MAFF in Skåne

During 2019-2020 MAFF will continue to develop our work out to the Skåne region. With this, we want to utilize the region’s diversity and by doing so strengthen people’s ties to each other and Skåne. We want Arab film to reach children and young adults in the region, by doing so also reach a collective understanding of different cultures. The goal of the projects is to encourage and promote important, artistic, and creative films from the Arab world. We want to show and discuss the film that gives insight into people’s political and social conditions.

The focus is to make Arab films available for schools and libraries in the region. We are offering secondary schools, upper secondary schools, and libraries in Skåne the opportunity to show a number of films within their own operations during the fall semester, for free.

The movies on offer and more information about booking and how to go about can be found in the catalogs below (in Swedish). The project Maff i Skåne is conducted with support from Region Skåne as a way of helping the project to be able to meet the demand that exists in the region.​


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