MMF – MAFF Market Forum is a pioneer initiative that aims to promote exchange and cooperation between Sweden and the Arab world within the film industry. The objective of MMF is to bring together producers, financiers, filmmakers and distributors, and to create opportunities for pitching and networking through various programmes and events, bringing Sweden and the Arab world closer together.

New collaborations have been made possible through a variety of activities, such as networking sessions, market screenings, presentations, seminars and funding programmes.

A broad variety of financiers and major institutions has been present during MMF, notably those responsible for international relations and supporting and funding film productions. The aim has been to inform about the funding opportunities available, and to create synergies, successful co-productions and tangible results.


MAFF Market Forum strives for fruitful exchange between the film industries in the Nordic countries and the Arab world. The goal of MMF is to create new collaborations and co-productions across borders, in order to enrich and strengthen the film industry both on the commercial and artistic levels.

Through MMF, two film industries that rarely meet are provided with a unique opportunity to initiate new collaborations. With its three-day long, dense programme, and its strategic, customised meetings and formal and informal networking sessions, MMF represents a unique opportunity to create synergies between the Arab and Swedish film industries. The funding initiative MAFF Development Funding fosters and incites long-term, viable contacts and collaboration between Arab and Nordic film industry representatives, with its impact reaching beyond those projects who are selected for the pitching sessions or receive development funding.

Through stimulating collaboration in this very concrete, hands-on manner, MMF brings the Arab and Swedish film industries and cultural spheres closer to each other, thus providing audiences with the opportunity to enjoy new film experiences and hear stories that might not have been told otherwise.


MAFF Market Forum is a unique platform for the Arab and Scandinavian film industries, and plays a role in further strengthening the Öresund region as a film hub, most notably in the areas of production, distribution and support; but MMF also contributes to the general business environment and tourism industry of the region, thus strengthening the local economy.

MMF puts the city of Malmö on the map and enhances its international profile. MMF positions Malmö and the Öresund region as a hub for film production, and gathers representatives from all the major Nordic film institutes. In recent years, the Öresund region has developed into a dynamic centre for film production and other creative industries; many new organisations, production companies and enterprises have seen the light of day, and have increased the city’s economic capacity and enhanced its attractiveness, both on the national and international level.

Through MMF, we aim to promote this development further. Even though the market forum employs a broad international approach, its efforts are focused on forging cooperation between the Arab world and Malmö and the Skåne region. Since the forum is a recurrent, yearly event, it functions as a forum for follow-up and maintenance of previously established contacts and collaborations, a fact that further consolidates Malmö’s and MMF’s role as an international platform for long-term, viable collaboration in the film sector.