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      MAFF Market Forum 2015


The 1st edition of MAFF Market Forum toke place on October 3-5, 2015 at The Sankt Gertrud Conference Center, Malmo.

2015 is the first year of the festival’s film industry initiative MAFF Market Forum (MMF) – the world’s first industry platform for co-production and collaboration between the Arab world and Scandinavia.


MAFF Development Funding:

MAFF Development Funding was created with the aim of supporting long films (feature films) and short films (feature films, documentaries, animation, hybrid) in the development phase. The qualifications for applying were either the film was either a planned co-production between a Swedish producer and an Arab producer, or a film theme concerned issues of Arab identity, culture or exile. However, a basic requirement for the application was that there should be a Swedish producer linked to the project. MAFF Development Funding was a collaboration between MAFF, the Swedish Film Institute (feature film) and Film i Skåne (short film).

Finally, ten projects were invited to pitch their films to a jury in conjunction with MMF.

Feature  Films:
  • “A Dog’s Tail” – Director: Rami Yasin, Producer: Philistine Films / CHIMNEY
  • “Beauty and the Dogs” – Director: Kaouther Ben Hania, Producer: Cinetelefilms / Laika Film & Television
  • “My French Revolution” – Director: Hanna Högstedt, Producer: French Quarter Film
  • “Layla” – Director: Mohamed El Aboudi, Producer: Vergo Production / Dragon Films
  • “Son of Very Important Man” – Director: Najwa Najjar, Producer: Ustura Films / LileBig Productions.
Short films:
  • “Beirut, 1975” – Director: Rami el Harayri, Hussen Ibraheem, Producer: Story Architect
  • “Roman Ruins” – Director: Meryam Joobeur, Producer: Peripheria/ Cinenic Films/ Cinetelefilms
  • “The Northern Lights” – Director: Mohamed Samir, Producer: Daydream Art Production/ Laika Film & Television
  • “Tshweesh (Disruption)” – Director: Feyrouz Serhal, Producer: Exceedfilms
  • “YASMINA” – Director: Ali Esmili, Producer: IDEO FACTORY/ Sennelles eternelles/ Philip Hughes


Doc Post-Production Platform:

Doc Post-Production Platform is an initiative aimed at contributing to documentary films with an Arab director being given the opportunity to reveal film projects. The initiative is a collaboration between MAFF and the Screening Institute Beirut.

  • “Aisha (The Orphanage I never Le)” (Jordan)- Director: Asma Beseiso, Producer: Asma Beseiso, Rima Abou Baker
  • “Ambulance” (Palestine/Norway)- Director: Mohamed Jabaly, Producer: John Arvid Berger
  • “Be Beautiful” (Egypt)- Director: Rina Khoury, Producer: Rina Khoury
  • “Lile Eagles” (Egypt)- Director: Mohamed Rashad, Producer: Hala Loy
  • “Room for a Man” (Lebanon)- Director: Anthony Chidiac, Producer: Carole Abboud, Talal Al Muhanna
  • “Skin” (Syria)- Director: Afraa Batous, Producer: Afraa Batous
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