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      MAFF Market Forum 2020


The 6th edition of MAFF Market Forum toke place on October 9-11, 2020 at Scandic triangeln in Malmö.

2020 is the sixth year of the festival’s film industry initiative MAFF Market Forum (MMF) – the world’s first industry platform for co-production and collaboration between the Arab world and Scandinavia.

Consisted of two funding initiatives; MAFF Development Fund and the Post Production Platform.


MAFF Development Fund:

The primary requirement for the applications to MAFF Development Fund was that the projects needed to have a Swedish co-producer (for feature and documentary projects), Nordic origin or resident co-producer (for short projects), and the project theme had a connection to the Arab identity, culture or exile.

MAFF Development Fund is a pitch competition where projects are pitched in front of a jury, experts, and film professionals. They pitch their projects for the opportunity to win development support. MAFF Development Fund was available for three categories; Short films (five projects were selected), Documentary films (three projects were selected) and Feature Fiction Films (five projects were selected).


Feature Film:
  • Hejj to Disney Saudi Arabia, United States, Sweden \ Arabic, English \ 90 min Director: Maha Al-Saati Producer: Linda Mutawi (Fikra AB)
  • Hanging Gardens Iraq, United Kingdom, Sweden \ Arabic \ 90 min Director: Ahmed Yassin Producer: Huda Al Kadhimi, Margaret Glover, Shaker K. Tahrer
  • Seeking Haven For Mr. Rambo Egypt, Sweden \ Arabic \ 115 min Director: Khaled Mansour Producer: Rasha Hosny, Linda Mutawi (Fikra AB)
  • The Blind Ferryman Sweden, Switzerland \ Arabic \ 90 min Director: Ali Al-Fatlawi Producer: Margarete Jangård, Samir
  • Tunis-DjerbaTunisia France, Sweden \ Arabic \ 100 min Director: Amel Guellaty Producer: Karim Aitouna, Olivier Guerpillon, Asma Chiboub
Documentary Films:
  • Jump the wall (My Hero) Morocco, Sweden / Italian, Arabic, French, English / 90 minutes Director: Zineddaine Mohamed Producer: William Johansson
  • Why Did We Plant Roses? Sweden, Palestine, Jordan, France / Arabic, English / 70 min Director: Ayed Nabaa Producer: Mohanad Salahat
  • Yalla Parkour Sweden, Palestine, Jordan, United States / Arabic, Swedish / 90 min Director: Areeb Zuaiter Producer: Basel Mawlawi
Short Film:
  • Asylum Sweden/ Arabic, Swedish / 25 min Director and Producer: Maher Aziz
  • Honour Sweden \ Arabic, Swedish \ 15 min Director and Producer: Yasser Radhi
  • Laila Denmark \ Arabic, Danish \ 18 min Director and Producer: Rania Tawfik
  • Revolution Forever Yemen \ Arabic \ 13 min Director: Ibi Ibrahim Producer: Amal Aziz
  • The City of Ys Iraq, Jordan, Sweden, France \ Arabic \ 15 min Director: Lana Al Zaidi Producer: Louise Åberg, Shaker K Tahrer, Huda Al Kadhimi



Post-Production Platform:

The primary requirement for applications to MAFF Post production Fund was the film to have a connection to the Arab identity, culture or exile.

MAFF Post Production Platform is a work in progress screenings of 20 minutes of the selected projects, which were screened in front of the jury and film professionals. Post Production fund was available for feature films (fiction and documentary).

  • Another Day in Baghdad United Kingdom, France, Germany, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates / Arabic / 110 min Director: Maysoon Pachachi Producer: Talal Al-Muhanna
  • Hyphen Lebanon / Arabic, English / 90 min Director and Producer: Reine Razzouk
  • Redfishes Morocco / Arabic / 90 min Director and Producer: Abdeslam Kelai
  • The Life and Times of Omar Sharif Sweden, Egypt, The United Kingdom / Arabic, English, French / 90 min Director: Mark Lotfy, Axel Petersen Producer: Sigrid Helleday
  • The Maiden’s Pond Lebanon / Arabic / 90 min Director: Bassem Breche Producer: Jana Wehbe
  • The Lottery​ Egypt / Arabic / 80 min Director: Karoline Kamel Producer: Mai Saad
  • Communion Tunisia / Arabic / 100 min Director: Nejib Belkadhi Producer: Imed Marzouk
  • Manca Moro Tunisia / French, Italian, Arabic / 90 min Director: Rim Temimi Producer: Dora Bouchoucha, Lina Chaabane
  • Sharaf Germany, Tunisia, France, Egypt / Arabic / 96 min Director: Samir Nasr Producer: Silvana Santamaria