MAFF Development Funding Documentary is an initiative aiming to create a platform for new international film productions. The aim is to support documentary film projects that are in a development phase. Three projects will be selected and invited to participate in the pitching programme at the MAFF Market Forum 6-8 October 2018. One project will be granted funding.

MAFF Development Funding Documentary is a collaboration between Malmo Arab Film Festival and the Swedish Film Institute.


The primary requirement for the application to the MAFF Development Funding Documentary is that the project has a Swedish producer connected to the project

For a film to apply for participation, two requirements also must be met,

– The story of the film must have a connection to Arab culture, identity, and exile

– The film is a planned co-production between at least one Swedish and one Arab producer

No additional requirements exist regarding the film project, origin, language or theme.

The application must be made within the time frames stated under the heading Application and contains all documents as provided under the heading Application.


Applications for film projects open April 1, 2018, and closes for application on May 30, 2018. The application is open to documentaries and must contain the following documents,

– Contact information

– Synopsis / treatment / script or other written basis

– CV of persons, applicants where previous experience script- and film work are accented

– Photographs, link, pilot or other reference material

In June 2018, three projects to be announced for participation in MAFF Development Funding Feature via Malmo Arab Film Festival’s website.

Pitching during MAFF Market Forum

1-2 representatives of the selected projects will be invited to Malmo Arab Film Festival during MAFF Market Forum October 6-8, 2018. During the MMF, representatives from the projects will participate in pitching sessions, one-to-one meetings with the committee of the MAFF Development Funding and other film professionals. The representatives will also have the opportunity to meet future co-producers from the Nordic countries and the Arab world, as well as other funds, funders and film institutions from around the world.

The committee will for these individual one-to-one meetings and presentations by the selected projects choose one project that will receive SEK 50,000 (approx € 6,000) in development funding.


Rules & Conditions

Only applications which contain all the required documents will be reviewed and considered. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Decisions on selected projects cannot be appealed. Malmo Arab Film Festival, MAFF Development Funding Committee or the Swedish Film Institute is not obliged in any way to give any reasons and/or comments on the reasons for the non-selected projects.

Malmo Arab Film Festival or the Swedish Film Institute is not obliged in any way to participate or contribute to the selected projects for future production, whether as donors, co-producer, or partners in any other way.

MAFF Development Funding, Malmo Arab Film Festival, and the Swedish Film Institute shall be exposed as co-producer of the film and exposed with a prominent logo of the film’s closing credits, as well as for dissemination and in any promotional materials associated with the production.

Sweden shall be included as a country of production in all materials.

Granted development funding that has not been used shall be repaid.

The funding is paid according to the agreement between the authorized part of the film project and the Swedish Film Institute.

Other rules and definitions of development funding apply according to the conditions stated by the Swedish Film Institute.