Post Production Film Projects


Morocco / Arabic / 90 min 0 sec


Director and Producer: Abdeslam Kelai 



Hayat, a woman in her 37s, benefits from a pardon and leaves prison after serving a 17-year sentence. Back in her hometown in Northern Morocco, she finds herself shunned by her family and friends who refuse to welcome her. As Hayat desperately seeks her son to explain to him what happened in the past, she meets Amal, a 35-year-old woman who works in a fruit factory, and takes care of her disabled sister Houda. It is a story of the courage and strength of three women who seek to overcome the exclusion, exploitation, and marginalization suffered by many women.


Director and Producer:

Abdeslam Kelai: 

Born in Larache, in the north of Morocco in 1969, after college studies in social sciences, and working in the social, humanitarian and development fields, he starts in 2003 Making films.