Post Production Film Projects


Lebanon / Arabic, English / 90 min 0 sec


Director and Producer: Reine Razzouk



In 2011, Nicole reveals to Reine that she has been going to rehab for heroin addiction. Her parents, not taking her recovery seriously, were more worried about concealing her addiction and projecting the image of the perfect family. Nicole and Reine embark on a healing journey, interviewing Nicole, visiting her rehab center, and participating in re-birthing therapy.  When their uncle suddenly dies, they uncover shocking revelations about their family’s role in the civil war and confess to each other the ways in which their parents were emotionally distant and abusive. After a re-birthing session, Nicole is inspired to pursue her dream of becoming a tattoo artist and travel to Goa, India for a tattoo convention. In Goa, Nicole relapses and is hospitalized upon her return to Lebanon. A few months later, Nicole is stopped by the police in Lebanon and arrested for drug possession. The police also harass her for her appearance and sexual orientation. On October 17th, protests erupt all over the country against the corrupt Lebanese government and Reine and Nicole join the revolution. After 9 years of filming, Nicole discusses her hopes for the future and leaves a final message to her parents


Director and Producer:

Reine Razzouk: 

Reine is a Lebanese director, writer, and assistant director. She is now developing her first narrative feature and is in the post-production stage of “Hyphen”, her first feature documentary.