Development Short Film Projects

Revolution Forever

Yemen \ Arabic \ 13 min 0 sec


Director: Ibi Ibrahim

Producer: Amal Aziz

Production Company(s): ArtHouse Yemen



A story of unfulfilled love. The story takes the viewer on a short journey through the lives of Tamer and Noha in their continuous struggle in living inside an ongoing war zone. Their encounters with strangers but also with each other make us question the everyday life of those living in Yemen; a land of a forgotten war.



Ibi Ibrahim

Ibi Ibrahim (b. 1987) is a Yemeni visual artist, filmmaker, and cultural practitioner based in Sana’a, Yemen. His video work has been screened in numerous festivals and museums including Queens Museum (New York), Karama Human Rights Film Festival (Jordan), Twin Cities Arab Film Festival (Minneapolis), L’instit de Monde Arabe (Paris). Ibi Ibrahim is the founder and director of Romooz Foundation, an art and culture hub in Yemen



Amal Aziz

Amal Aziz (Amal Aziz (b.1984) is a Swedish Yemeni journalist and producer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She worked as a producer for the Swedish Educational Broadcast (2018-2019) and the Swedish Public Television (2014-2018).

Her work often looks into topics involving bringing matters of MENA region, diaspora communities, and culture to the Swedish audience. In Spring 2018, she visited Yemen to document the day to day struggle Yemenis are enduring during the heights of the war epidemic.