Development Short Film Projects


Sweden \ Arabic, Swedish \ 15 min 00 sec


Director and Producer: Yasser Radhi



In this bilingual film, teenage siblings Younes and Layla have more in common than they realize. Hard to imagine, given how different their parents seem to treat them. As Younes is allowed total freedom, Layla is seemingly forced to spend every night at home despite her protests. After an argument with her mother, Layla decides to simply run away for the night. Meanwhile, aspiring rapper Younes is having a hard time with his Swedish friends. No one seems to understand why a middle-class Arab kid from a Swedish suburb would want to become a rapper. And don’t forget about the worried parents, calling him to task Younes with finding and bringing Layla back home. This creates an identity-crisis for Younes, as he struggles with who he wants to be and what his identity as both an Arab and Swedish means. After an initial struggle, over the night Layla och Younes realize that they can help each other. Layla helps her brother come to terms with his identity as an Arab Iraqi-Swedish teen, and Younes stands up for Layla against their parents in the films final climax as the siblings finally arrive back home, together and stronger.


Director and Producer:

Yasser Radhi:

Yasser has a bachelor in film production at the University of Dalarna, an amazing filmmaking school with some great resources, especially our amazing editing-teacher, Silvia Ingermansdotter who worked with Ingmar Bergman on several films.

After working in the industry for several years, Yasser has moved onto digital marketing working as a content producer. Today he’s a digital specialist at an agency in Stockholm as a copywriter, video and campaign-producer in the marketing world.

Today he spends all his freetime with projects like this.

He has written, directed and produced several short films, the latest one winning a best short film award (look up The Goatman/Getmannen on Youtube by Bechamel Film)