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The Blind Ferryman

Sweden, Switzerland \ Arabic \ 90 min


Director: Ali Al-Fatlawi

Producer: Margarete Jangård, Samir



The blind ferryman Ayoub lives in the endless swamps of southern Iraq. Despite his lack of eyesight, he finds his way around. After a boozy evening with his friends, he gets lost. Deep in the swamps he meets a mysterious, beautiful woman and falls for her. However, nobody believes that she exists and even his brother turns against him. As passengers stop riding in his boat and even his friends turn away from him, he carries out a fatal act in desperation



Ali Al-Fatlawi
Born in Baghdad in 1972.
1990 to 1994 visited the Art school in Baghdad.
2001 graduating in F + F School for Art and Media Design in Zurich.
In 2007 Ali started to work as a picture designer, author, director, and producer.



Margarete Jangård

Producer at WG Film since 2003. She manages the company together with Fredrik Gertten. Her network spans across Europe, Canada and USA, where Margarete and WG have become well reputed producers of creative documentaries.


Born in 1955 in Baghdad. After training as a cameraman, he began to realize his own films as an author, director, and producer. Produced various series and television films. His list of works now encompasses more than 40 films.