Development Feature Narrative Film Projects

Seeking Haven For Mr. Rambo

Egypt, Sweden \ Arabic \ 115 min 0 sec


Director: Khaled Mansour

Producer: Rasha Hosny, Linda Mutawi (Fikra AB)



Hassan is a guy in his thirties living with his mother and Rambo, his dog and best friend, in a poor neighborhood. He hates having a steady job but his mother pressures him to have one so he can assist her with their daily expenses.

After his mother threatens him to cut off the money she gives him, he decides to go back to his old job, working for “Shiko” as a sandwich seller. One night, when Hassan is returning home, he gets into a fight with Karem, a neighbor working as a car mechanic. Hassan is hit hard and so Rambo rushes down and bites Karem in his crouch, in defense of his friend.

Hassan begins a journey in which he attempts to take Rambo to a safe place in the country. He is assisted by his friend, Ahmed Gamaaea, a friend who works in a poor governmental veterinary hospital and Asmaa, a girl who loves Hassan.

With the help of Jamila, an activist in animal aid, Hassan succeeds to find a shelter for his dog outside the country, which drives Karem mad so, Hassan and his mother are kicked outside their house and their fate is unknown



Khaled Mansour:

Khaled Mansour was born in Cairo 1991, graduated from Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, at the same time he has studied cinema independently. He directed three short films: Berries Island and The Dervish, which participated in a lot of international and national festivals, furthermore his latest short film, titled: Two Strangers and a Night in post-production phase now. He also directed a number of short documentaries and commercials, which have been screened on TV channels and social media platforms.



Rasha Hosny (Producer/Film Critic)

Rasha Hosny is an Egyptian film critic and producer studied filmmaking at several independent cinema workshops, then made her first short documentary film Not for Girls (Mesh Lel Banat). In 2018, she received a diploma in Film Criticism from the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University.
Rasha has produced a short film, titled Two Strangers and a Night (Ghariban w Laila) directed by Khaled Mansour, after she gained good experience through working as a line producer for Patchwork Productions.
She also participated as a jury member in The International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI)’s jury at the 2019 International Film Festival Rotterdam, after participating in The 2017 Berlin International Film Festival, after being selected as the first Egyptian and Arab critic to participate in the Berlinale Talents Press in the same festival in 2016.
Currently, Rasha is one of the main programmers of Cairo International Film Festival as she is programming the Asian films and The Midnight Screenings Section’ films.
Above all, Rasha is also a member of the board of the Egyptian Film Critics Association (EFCA) since May 2016 till now.

Linda Mutawi:

A producer involved in several Swedish feature films involving the Middle East and is a mentor for an EU funded cultural program examining minority rights in the Middle East.