Post Production Platform is a fund for feature-length narrative and documentary projects in post-production by directors of Arab nationality or origin. Post Production Platform was established to support and encourage Arab filmmakers to professionalize the finalization of their film productions and provide them with the opportunity to promote it at an international film forum.

The Post-Production Platform supports filmmakers by offering them assistance and coaching to complete their projects. We will hold closed screenings of 20 min excerpts from five new feature films (narrative and documentary) that are in the final stages of the editing process or available for distribution. A panel of select industry experts provides immediate individual feedback. The films are screened in an intimate environment and are followed by questions from the audience. This is a chance to see clips from a film-in-the-making and provide valuable peer feedback to its director.

The screenings will be followed by a day of pre-booked one-on-one meetings tailored to the needs of the projects where participants will be able to present their projects a little more closely to industry experts. There, they will be able to present financing strategies, legal considerations for co-production, festival and sales strategies and the like.

The Post-Production Platform will pay flights and accommodation for ONE of the representatives of the selected projects for their stay in Malmö.



  • Feature-length film narrative and documentary directed by Arab filmmakers.
  • Project in the stage of post-production
  • Exceeds 70 minutes
  • 20 mins excerpt available for screening
  • At least one representative of the project must be able to come to Malmö during MAFF
  • All productions must have English subtitles
  • Swedish co-producer NOT required
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