MAFF Awards 2015

JURY 2015

Feature Film Jury
Mohamed Khan
Nabila Rezaig
Mohammed Rouda

Documentary Jury
Fajr Jacoub
Magda Khiralla
Hammadi Gueroum

Short film Jury
Areen Omari
Diamand Abou Abboud
Sayed Fouad


Soad Hosny (1942-2011)
Omar Sharif (1937-2015)
Faten Hamama (1931-2015)
Nour El Sherif (1946-2015)
Sabah (1927-2014)


Feature Awards

Best Feature
Theeb (Jordan)
Directed by Naji Abu Nawar

Special Jury Award
Bollywood Dreams (Morocco)
Directed by Yassine Fennane

Best Director
Amin Dorra (Lebanon)
For the film Ghadi

Certificate of Appreciation
Malem Ermilej (Palestine)
For her role in the film Eyes of a Thief

Best Actor
Nour El Sherif (Egypt)
For his role in Cairo Time by Amir Ramses

Best Script
Ahmed Salmeen (UAE)
For the film Dolphins

Best Director of Photography
Victor Credi (Egypt)
For the film Nojoom Age 10 and Divorced (Yemen)



Roshmia (Palestine)
Directed by Salim Abu Jabal


Short Film Awards

Best Short Film
El Bostan El Saeed Street (Egypt)
Directed by Maysson El Massry

Special Jury Short Award
Free Range (Lebanon, Germany)
Directed by Bass Bréche

Certificate of appreciation
A Long Night (UAE)
Directed by Kamiran Betesi

Rough Cut (Morocco)
Directed by Asmae El Moudir


Documentary Awards

Best Documentary
Letters from Al Yarmouk (Palestine)
Directed by Rashid Masharawi

Special Jury Documentary Award
On The Bride´s Side (Palestine, Italy)
Directed by Antonio Augugliaro, Gabriele Del Grande, Khaled Soliman Al Nassiry

Certificate of appreciation
Dreams of Sharahzad (South Africa, France, Egypt)
Directed by Francois Vester

The Feeling of Palestine (Denmark)
Directed by Rikke Ruby

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