Experts one to one

“Experts one-to-one” is a specialized and focused program within MAFF Industry Days that facilitates in-depth interaction between experts and filmmakers. This closed session, lasting between 60 to 90 minutes, creates a platform for meaningful engagement and knowledge exchange.

During the “Experts one-to-one” session, a select group of experts, possessing extensive experience and expertise in the film industry, are paired with filmmakers. Each expert engages with five filmmakers individually, dedicating approximately 15 minutes to each meeting.

The purpose of these one-to-one sessions is to provide filmmakers with valuable opportunities to connect directly with seasoned professionals who can offer guidance, consultancy, and industry insights. The experts, with their wealth of knowledge, contribute to enriching the discussion and sharing their expertise to help filmmakers refine and enhance their projects.

Within the tailored program, experts actively engage with filmmakers, discussing their projects in detail. Filmmakers have the chance to present their ideas, seek feedback, ask questions, and receive valuable input from these industry experts. The discussions may cover various aspects of filmmaking, including storytelling, technical elements, production strategies, funding opportunities, distribution considerations, and more.

The “Experts one-to-one” session serves as a platform for filmmakers to gain valuable guidance and insights from professionals who have navigated the complexities of the film industry. The personalized nature of the sessions allows for individualized attention and tailored advice, catering to the specific needs and goals of each filmmaker.

One-to-One Meetings 2024