Case Study

At MAFF Industry Days (MID) a special Case Study Session is dedicated to examining and discussing films that have gone through MID’s funding competitions and successfully made it to the big screen. This session offers a comprehensive exploration of the film’s entire journey, from the initial idea and story development to the funding and financing process, production, post-production, cast selection, co-productions with international producers, and the film’s screenings and feedback.

During the Case Study Session, MID invites the film’s director and a crew member, such as producers or Swedish co-producers, to share detailed insights about the film’s journey and shed light on the various aspects involved in its creation. The session serves as an opportunity to delve into the film’s development process, addressing key elements that contributed to its success.

The session typically includes presentations, discussions, and Q&A sessions, allowing participants to gain a deeper understanding of the film’s creative and production processes. By examining the film’s progression from its initial concept to its final release, attendees can learn about the challenges faced, strategies employed, and the collaborative efforts involved in bringing the film to fruition.

One of the primary focuses of the Case Study Session is to explore the funding and financing aspects of the film. Participants can learn about the funding opportunities available through MAFF’s competitions and how the selected film successfully secured financial support. This can provide valuable insights for aspiring filmmakers looking to navigate the funding landscape in the Arab film industry.

Additionally, the session highlights the collaborative nature of filmmaking, particularly in the context of co-productions with Swedish partners. The presence of Swedish co-producers or collaborators offers a unique perspective on the film’s production process and sheds light on the benefits and challenges of international collaborations.

The Case Study Session also allows for discussions on the film’s screenings and feedback. Participants can gain insights into the audience reception, critical reception, and the impact of the film within the festival circuit and beyond. This information provides a valuable assessment of the film’s success, reach, and potential for further distribution or recognition.

Overall, the Case Study Session at MID provides a focused platform for filmmakers, industry professionals to dive into the journey of selected films that have received support through MID’s funding competitions.

Through detailed discussions with the film’s director and crew members, participants gain valuable insights into the film’s development, funding, production process, international collaborations, and audience reception. This session contributes to knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the growth of the Arab film industry.