Post Production Film Projects

To where my fingertips take me

Country: Sweden

Runtime: 70 min


“To Where My Fingertips Take Me” is a short documentary aimed to gauge complex, underlying concepts and questions that we are facing in our present society, specifically in Sweden. The movie’s main aim is to propose a question to the audience about the idea of the sense of belonging and integration from a different perspective. To underline this idea in a simplistic and less confusing manner. We have chosen a specific and tight focus, which will be used as a controlled variable in aims to produce something original and less saturated with the complex nature of the topic. In this summary we will explain how the idea of the movie was generated starting from the wide topic to the specific movie question.


Director: Nada Al ALi

Nada produced to the Syrian educational channel 15 documentary films about Syrian women of the past by the name of “Women and Symbols” and 13 documentary films about recently deceased Syrian figures by the name of “symbols in our memory.”

I started the directing career in 2016 with the short film “like any other woman.”

The Board of directors’ chairwoman for the association of social initiative in Syria which is concerned with women’s affairs and underage girls from 2002 till 2006.

Owner and manager of Dar al Shumoos, a publishing house operating in studies, translation, and research assistance.

Over 30 years in the fields of publication and broadcast media as an activist and advocate for women’s rights and gender studies.


Producer: Jad Eid

A tv producer and technical who worked for more than 25 years in the Film & TV field.

1993: Jad Started as a master control and system engineer in Syrian TV and produced more than 200 TV hours, doing everything from dubbing, production, and postproduction.

2003: Moved to UAE, worked with all kinds of production (Audio Dubbing, Radio Ad, TVC, Corporate, Documentary, Animation, TV Programs)

2013: Jad Started in Sweden and created many production platforms and produced a hundred live talk show programs, videos, and Radio drama. He was also the Producer of many short and documentary films.