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Khalid, a man in his thirties, mysteriously rises from his grave after almost ten years of his supposed death. In a whirlwind of confusion and fear, he makes his way back home only to find out that the widow he left behind (Reem) had married his younger brother (Khadem), a conservative man who is now in his thirties.

Reem has two children now, (Latifa) is the daughter she had with Khadem, but Saeed the older boy is thought to be the son Khalid has left behind. As the events progress, the truth about Saeed’d real father unfolds, causing the order in the house to disintegrate.

As Khadem tries his hardest to hide his dead brother’s return, it takes one outsider to enter 


Director: Saeed Rashed

 Saeed Rashed was born in Abu Dhabi in 1991 and currently resides in Al Ain city. Since childhood he had a passion for visual arts and expression. His began applying his imagination by drawing caricature and writing short stories. The passion matured and evolved to sparking an interest in drama and film. He started out in theatre playing a supporting role in a play called The Rivals and then was cast for lead role in a play called Playboy of the Western region, both plays were orchestrated by Resuscitation Theatre. He wrote and directed a short film (Wordsmith 2015) that qualified him to join the Arab Film Studio of Image Nation, in which he wrote, produced, and directed a short film (Face the Music 2016). In 2017 Saeed began pursuing writing feature length scripts while making his third short film (Domesticated 2018).