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Jordan, Sweden \ Arabic \ 85 min


Director: Dima Hamdan

Producer: Andreas Rocksén



Sulafa and Samah are sisters who earn their living from robbing people’s homes. When they break into the home of Rama, a famous social media “influencer”, they steal her jewellery but also accidentally pick up a memory card.

The card contains a “sex film” that Rama had filmed with her husband for their private pleasure.

While the sisters are on a mission to sell the jewellery before they get caught, Rama is trying to retrieve the film before it gets out and turns into a public scandal. But she cannot report the theft to the police or tell her family for fear of being judged or humiliated. So she coerces the Egyptian gardener, Saleem, to break into the sisters’ home and retrieve the memory card.

Saleem is caught by neighbours while attempting to break into the sisters’ home, which ultimately draws the police’s attention to Rama.

Meanwhile, the quest to sell the jewellery reveals cracks in the relationship between Samah and Sulafa. Coming from a broken home, each one of them is craving love and validation, but in a different way from one another. They might be skilled when it comes to stealing, but their naivety when it comes to trusting other people (family, lovers) costs them the jewellery, and their trust in one another.

By now, Rama is caught in a web of lies, and a senior police officer is bribing her to keep the secret. The only way she can get out of this is to form an alliance with one of the sisters; money in exchange for the tape.

Diamonds is a tale of three women struggling with how society sees them; a public figure for whom appearances is everything, but never seems to satisfy her immediate family, and two sisters from a broken home who long to be accepted by society, sometimes even seeking atonement for other people’s sins.


Director: Dima Hamdan

Dima Hamdan is a Palestinian-Jordanian filmmaker based in Berlin. She worked as a journalist with the BBC for more than 10 years and the stories she covered during that inspired many ideas for her short and feature projects. Her latest short film, The Bomb, was supported by the Berlin Medienboard and is screening in festivals worldwide. She is preparing to shoot her next short film, “Blood Like Water” in Jericho, Palestine, and Diamonds is her debut feature film.

Producer: Andreas Rocksén

Andreas Rocksén is a Swedish journalist, director and producer that for twenty five years has produced dramas and documentaries for cinema and national and international broadcasters.

Andreas is the founder and managing director of Laika Film & Television AB, founded in 2004. In recent years Andreas has had films represented at Cannes “THE BEAUTY AND THE DOGS”, Venice “THE MAN WHO SOLD HIS SKIN”, Sundance “COLD CASE HAMMARSKJÖLD”, IDFA “ARICA” and the short fiction “BROTHERHOOD” has even been nominated for the Academy Oscar Awards. “THE MAN WHO SOLD HIS SKIN” is shortlisted for the Academy Award for Best International Film 2021.