Development Feature Narrative Film Projects

The Blue Album


Tunisia, Sweden \ Arabic \ 85 min


Director: Nidhal Guiga

Producer: Nidhal Chatta

Co-producer: Linda Mutawi


2011. After a stormy relationship that ended badly, Dali and Sara, two skinned, are stuck in a nightclub on a curfew night. Forced to stay the night there, they find themselves embroiled in an obscure case which Inspector Skik is investigating. Are they going to survive in this untroubled city, tinged with love and mourning? Reconstitution test.

Director: Nidhal Guiga

Nidhal Guiga is a Tunisian actress, director and writer. She has directed three short films (Silencio, 2020 / Astra, 2018 / acapella, 2014). His short film Astra had the Bronze Tanit at the Carthage Film Festival. She also has three published novels (Tristesse Avenue, 2015 / Pronto Gagarine, 2013 / Mathilde B., 2012). She wrote and directed several plays and appeared in several films and plays. She teaches adaptation and storytelling at university.

Producer: Nidhal Chatta

Nidhal Chatta is a Tunisian producer and director born in 1958 in Tunis. He is the founder of his production company South by South West Films. His filmography includes 4 short films including “The engulfed horizon” (7 international awards) and 4 feature films: “No Man’s Love”, his first fiction (1999) “The last mirage” (2009), “Zero” (2013 , documentary) and “Mustafa Z.” (2017).

Co-producer: Linda Mutawi

Linda is a film producer with a multicultural background, she has worked in the UK, Jordan, Dubai and now Sweden. Throughout her career she has worked on various types of projects ranging from Hollywood features to current affairs documentaries. She has served as a film commissioner in Jordan, managed the Jordan Film Fund, participated in the Producers Guild of America’s diversity workshop, as well mentoring an EU theatre programme. She is currently involved in various international projects as producer and co-producer. Strong themes in Linda’s work include search for identity and the concept of home.