Saudi Arabia | 2023 | Arabic dialogue with English subtitles l 120 min


Two brothers who live with their widowed mother, find an old door that opens a portal to the past, to a time when their father was alive, The longer they stay in there to try and make contact with their father whom they have never met. In their attempts they find themselves stuck in the past. Now, they must find a way to get back to their timeline and reunite with their mother.
Nordic premiere

Recepion: April 24th 17:30 Biopalastset
Screening: April 24th 18:00 Biopalastset – Gouthenburg

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Director: Abdulghani Alsaigh
Writer: Omar Ashmouni
Cast: Ismail Al-Hassan, Ahmad Alsadam, Lana Komsany, Abdulaziz Barnawi, Summer Shesha, Naif Al-Daferi
Dop: Mohannad Al-Aswad
Producer: Omar Ashmouni


Abdulghani Alsaigh is a film director from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He co-founded Hekaya Studios, to bring his unique vision for films and series to life. His background in CGI and Visual Effects makes him a unique director when creating a Sci-Fi film. His work can be seen on Platform such as Netflix, Shahid and SBC. He also directed multiple documentaries that totalled more than 10 million views.