MAFF Industry Days at the Malmö Arab Film Festival is dedicated to spreading knowledge about the film industry through workshops that bring together filmmakers and experts from the Nordic countries and the Arab world. These workshops provide a platform for learning, collaboration, and cross-cultural exchange.

One notable workshop, “Critics Without Borders,” supported by the Nordic culture point and Malmö City, focused on film criticism. It gathered critics from diverse backgrounds to discuss various cinematic styles, genres, and cultural contexts, fostering a deeper understanding of films from the Arab world and the Nordic countries.

Another workshop, “Make Your Film in 5 Days,” conducted by Close Up North in collaboration with Filmcentrum Syd and the Saudi Film Commission, offered participants the opportunity to collaborate in cross-cultural teams to write, shoot, and edit short films. With a focus on the theme of mental illness, the workshop encouraged creativity and collaboration in a time-constrained environment.

Additionally, the workshop “My Film Project,” organized by Closeup North AB in collaboration with MAFF and the Saudi Film Commission, assisted upcoming filmmakers and project owners in the development stage. It provided mentorship and guidance in preparing comprehensive written and visual files for their films, helping participants structure their projects and effectively communicate their vision to potential collaborators and investors.

These workshops exemplify MAFF Industry Days’ commitment to knowledge sharing, skill development, and fostering collaboration within the film industry. By bringing together professionals from different backgrounds, MAFF creates a platform for learning, networking, and the exchange of ideas, contributing to the growth and vibrancy of Arab cinema and its connection with the Nordic film community.