Work in Progress

During MID’s work in progress session, selected filmmakers have the opportunity to showcase excerpts, scenes, or rough cuts from their films that are still in the production or post-production phase. The session serves as a platform for filmmakers to receive valuable feedback, insights, and constructive criticism from experts and peers in the Arab film industry.

The purpose of the work in progress session at MID is twofold. Firstly, it allows filmmakers to gather feedback and opinions from experienced industry professionals who can provide valuable perspectives on the creative and technical aspects of their films. This feedback can help the filmmakers refine their storytelling, editing techniques, or other elements of their projects before finalizing them.

Secondly, the work in progress session provides an opportunity for filmmakers to attract potential collaborators, investors, or distributors who may be interested in supporting the completion, promotion, or distribution of their films. Industry professionals attending MID’s work in progress session might include producers, distributors, programmers, sales agents, and other key figures in the Arab film industry. Their participation can lead to networking opportunities and potentially open doors for funding, partnerships, or distribution deals for the filmmakers.

By offering a dedicated work in progress session, MID aims to support Arab filmmakers in their creative journey and provide a platform where they can showcase their works-in-progress, receive valuable feedback, and establish connections within the industry. It helps nurture the development of Arab cinema and contributes to the growth and recognition of emerging talents in the region.