Submission Arab Women Film Festival 2017


Terms and conditions

  • The festival lasts between March 17 til March 19 and the films will be mainly shown in Malmo and Helsingborg
  • Films that may participate in the festival are selected by the festival’s judging committee.
  • Applicants for participation in the festival have no guarantee that the film will be shown during the festival.
  • There is no fee for applying. No compensation will be paid by the festival to showcase the film.
  • Notification of approved films sent to participants a 1 month before the festival’s start date.
  • Films that are selected to participate in the festival may not be withdrawn.
  • Arab Women Film Festival has the right to manage the use of film clips and photographs from submitted films selected for the festival for all its image, or print ads in all pages on the Internet utmost to promote the festival.


NOTE: Private individuals, companies, copyright owners, film producers, and film production companies have the opportunity to participate in the Festival if they meet all requirements.





Arab Women Film Festival presents competition selections for feature fiction, documenatries and short ficition. The following awards are presented for each selection.


Short Film Competition


Best Short Film
This award recognizes the film’s director



Documentary Compeititon


Best Documentary
This award recognizes the film’s director



Feature Competition


Best Documentary
This award recognizes the film’s director


Best Director


Best Script


Best Actor


Best Actress



Audience Award


Audience Award to Best Feature and Documentary