When We’re Born

Narrative / Post Production Platform


Multiple stories about different types of love intertwined in a musical atmosphere that binds these stories together. Amin and Aida are a newly married couple who live in Amin’s tiny family home in one of Cairo’s congested poor neighborhoods. Aida is not at ease living with Amin’s mother, grandpa and younger brother Mido, so she pushes Amin to look for an apartment of their own. Amin who has very limited means, struggles between his wife’s dream, a hefty debt and his own family’s expenses as he is the only breadwinner. At his new
job at a high-end gym, Amin meets Nariman, a well off woman in her forties who eyes Amin at first sight and quickly asks him to train her at home. Amin agrees happily welcoming any extra income, but Nariman only wanted to know him better in order to make sure he is the right choice for her offer. She wants him to be a male prostitute for rich ladies.


Motaz Abdulwahab graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema in 2000, and worked as a producer in a variety of TV shows and documentaries that has been featured across the Arab world. His experience ranged from news to entertainment and music.

Armed with years of experience in field production and a passion for art, he brings a fresh production strategy to the Egyptian market, focusing on uncompromising artistic values that also appeals to mass audiences.


Tamer Ezzat originally graduated as a Physics & Electronics Major at the American University in Cairo in 1994. But soon he turned his attention to the making of films and worked as a film editor, where he edited films for famed directors such as Yousef Chahine (Silence, we’rerolling) & Yousry Nasrallah (The City – Boys, Girls & the veil). In 2001, he received a Fulbright grant to study at the Center for Advanced Digital Applications (CADA) at New York University, earning a Certificate in Digital Special Effects. At the same time, he pursued a diploma in film directing at the New York Film Academy (NYFA.)



Running time:

110 min