Saudi Arabia I 2022 I Arabic dialogue with English subtitles l 110 min


In the late ’90s, in the mountains of Saudi Arabia, in Alwadi village,‎

A disabled kid (Ali) goes on a road trip into the valley with his father (Nassir), who thinks that ‎his disability is just a sickness, to meet a folk doctor and find treatment for Ali. Everyone ‎thinks of Ali as just a sick boy, except his older Sister (Siham) who sees him as perfect as he ‎is, and‏ ‏probably would stop him from going if she weren’t in the city finishing college hoping ‎to be the last family’s refuge from poverty.‎

During the journey, Ali gets lost in the middle of nowhere and starts his own trip facing a ‎series of events‏ ‏that made him realize that his disability can’t stop him from enjoying new ‎things in life.‎


International premiere

Screening: April 29, 22.00 Panora 1

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Director: Khaled Fahd
Writer: Khaled Fahd
Cast: Hamad Farhan, Naif Khalaf, Aseel Omran
Dop: Carter Cage
Producer: Rakan Anneghaimshi, Majed Z. Samman


Khalid Fahd a Saudi writer and director, known for his short films, in which he participated in many local and international film festivals, for which he received awards for the scenario and filmmaking category.

His most prominent film The Little Bird, which won the Saudi Film Festival award, the Faten Hamama Festival award, the American Film Institute, award, and the Algerian Medgasin Festival.