The Smuggled Sperm

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Since 2012, 64 children have been the off springs of artificial insemination through their jailed father’s smuggled sperm. For the last six years, the idea of smuggling sperm has brought life literally, back to the wives and families of prisoners jailed for 25 plus years inside Israeli prisons.
When Palestinians are sentenced to prison, their wives also pay the price. This is because a wife of a prisoner is expected to remain faithful by her husband’s side, leaving her waiting and lonely for dozens of years. This is what inspired prisoner Ammar al Zuban in 2012 to come up with the idea of smuggling his sperm after being sentenced to 27 years in prison.


Nada Ennab was born Ramallah, Palestine. She obtained her degree in Media TV Production berzeet University. She has worked in the production field since her graduation and Joined Production companies projects like Smart Frame TV Production and PBC and Mashahid LTD and worked with independent Film Producer and Director ,she worked with TV Channel like Aljazeera and Alarabi and produced Documentaries and TV programs. .


Sawsan Qaoud was born in Nablus, Palestine. She obtained a master degree in Media TV Production Moscow University and Films studies from Cardiff University in UK. She has worked in the production field since her graduation 1995 and Joined MBC channel as a TV Producer and Reporter . In 1999 she Founded Smart Frame company in Palestine as the first Production house .
She is lecturing at alquds university from 2001 till now and she found herself in the academic field and she worked with her students to train them and to connect her them with the market.



Running time:

90 min