Iraq I 2023 I Kurdish dialogue with Arabic and English subtitles l 19 min


In the heart of a remote village of Speyaw, located in the Ranya district of Sulaymaniyah province, unfolds a story that touches the souls of its simple inhabitants, most of whom live far from the light of literacy. Among them stands out Ziret, a teenage boy who takes on the responsibility of reading the incoming letters to the villagers. Among these letters, sent to one of the village women from her husband, who has been away for months looking for work in the capital. From this letter begins a story that will captivate readers with its brilliant storyline and thrilling developments.

Nordic premiere

Screening: April 26th 18:00 Panora 2

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Director: Thualfiqar Al Muttairi
Writer: Khudhair Alromethe
Cast: Zirt Mouhamad, Navo Nasir Khalaf, Hazam Mohammed Abdullah
Dop: Emad Mustafa
Producer: Hilla University College, Ebjed Cultural Foundation


Is a filmmaker with a Bachelor’s degree in cinema and a Master’s in media. He also took photography and cinematography courses. His films include shorts like “Rain” and “Journalist for Sale,” and documentaries like “Forum of Religions” and “River Hymn,” which explore deep cultural and social themes. Thualfiqar is known for his creative storytelling and ability to tackle complex topics through film.