Iraq | 2022 | Arabic dialogue with English subtitles l 88 min


The film’s story is inspired by the story of French postman Joseph Ferdinand Cheval, who spent 33 years building his house and turning it into an architectural masterpiece in the heart of the French city of La Drome. The events of this film revolve around a postman named Ayoub, and his character is played by the Iraqi actor Raed Mohsen, who works in a rural area. The task of delivering messages became functionally unacceptable after the mobile phone entered the lives of Iraqis, so he was fired and became unemployed. The events of the film begin to escalate gradually.

Nordic premiere

Arabic Mezze and Music : April 26th 21:00 Panora
Screening: April 26th 22:00 Panora 1

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Director: Saad Alessamy
Writer: Haidar Jalwkhan
Cast: Raeed Mouhseen
Dop: Mohamed Jawad
Producer: Haidar Jalwkhan


An Iraqi director and screenwriter, he studied directing at the College of Fine Arts at the University of Baghdad and then studied journalism at the college of Literature. He has a collection of short feature films that have won many cinematic awards around the world.
His first feature film, The Last Postmen, received a lot of praise and appreciation, in addition to more than 7 film awards from various festivals, including the Best Gulf Film Award from the Saudi Film Festival and the Special Jury Award from the Kazan Film Festival.