Short / Development Funding

Sweden \ English \ 12 minutes

Director: Wasim Kashlan
Producer: Iyad Kamel Eid
Production company: Transit-TV


Syrian refugees twin, kidnap a Swedish famous actress, and force her to film and transmit their suicide on her Facebook page. The twins eat poisoned food and express their dissatisfaction with the spread of starvation in Syria, their county, and other countries in the area.

Wasim Kashlan

Wasim Kashlan is an actor from Damascus, Syria, and has worked in theatre and film since the year 2000. Wasim has also directed several awarded short films. In Sweden, he directed the short film “I don’t like Sugar” and worked on two performances ( Drömmarnas väg in Teater JaLaDa 2015 and Cringe Marmelad in Malmo stadsteater 2018). Kashlan currently works at Nordic Media Group as a director, actor and video editor and has participated in all of Transit’s TV projects.

Iyad Kamel Eid

Iyad Eid, is a Syrian producer. In addition to his engineering work, he worked in various production fields between the years 1993 and 2012; from Kids Cartoon dubbing to producing a 3D cartoon animated series. He moved to Sweden in 2012 and worked for the Swedish television where he produced a promotional video. He established, with a group of Syrian Immigrants, a socio-cultural association which carried out all their cultural activities among which the first multi-lingual theatre group in Sweden. He established a cultural and media group that produced and broadcasted several short films, radio and television programs. Iyad is currently working on his Master’s degree in Media and Communication studies at Malmo University.