Short / Development Funding

Iraq, Tunisia, Denmark \ Arabic \ 30 minutes

Director: Mohammed Tawfik
Producer: Mohamed Mustapha El Taieb
Production Company: 2mt Production


Bushra, a girl in her early youth, is raped by a bearded man from ISIS during the occupation of her village and her home by the terrorist organization, like hundreds of Iraqi girls and women who were raped by the forces of darkness and terror in several Iraqi cities while some were sold as war slaves in the markets. The young girl is raped very brutally by the bearded man, on her bed in front of the mirror. These moments remain imprinted in her soul as she remembers all the ugly details whenever she stands in front of a mirror during her daily life in exile. She remembers the rape while putting on her makeup, while she practices sports,  dances, shopps, even in the mirror of the car as she learns to drive. In her sleep, which has turned into a nightmare… the memories of the rape chase her whenever her eyes look in the mirror.

Mohammed Tawfik

Director and actor, Tawfik graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad (1973). He began his career working at the lraqi Film Institute (1974-1978) and is now based in Denmark. Tawfik has written and directed shorts, documentaries and fiction films among which “The kid and the toy” and “The War of October”. He has also written numerous film reviews and articles for several Arabic newspapers and journals such as Al Hayat, Al Nahar and has participated as a filmmaker and critic in dozens of festivals such as Moscow, Cannes, Montpelier, Berlin, Cairo and Carthage and was a jury member for several film festivals.

Mohamed Mustapha El Taieb

After working with Orbit TV and Radio channels for 15 years in Rome, senior producer Mohamed Mustapha El Taieb went back to Tunisia in 2009 where he founded 2MT Production. Between the years 2010 and 2015, he produced “Sand Castles”, “Song of Ksours”, “Long Live Life”. “The King and the shooting star” and “Sea Lion” among others and is now in production for “ALissa, queen of Carthage”