Saudi Arabia I 2020 I Arabic dialogue with English subtitles l 120 min


During 2010, the year of Saudi Youtube spring movement. Husam, a high school senior finds himself lured into video production, along with his best friend/classmate Maan, Ibrahim who used to bully them and lastly Orabi, the teacher with a passion for film-making. In the midst of their final high school year, a wild adventure ensues as they decide on producing a horror feature film, without any financial budgets, risking their entire future


Nordic premiere

Screening: May 07th 20:15 Panora 2

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Director: Faris Godus
Writer: Godus Brothers (Sohayb & Faris)
Cast: Sohayb Godus, Baraa Alem,
Ismail Alhasan, Ahmed Saddam
DOP: Amr Alammari
Producer: Sohayb Godus


Faris Godus is known for directing and writing his digital content since 2010 with multiple videos that hits more than 450 million views in total. His 2016 short “Predicament in Sight” was selected in the Saudi Film Days Festival which was held in California. Recently it was released on Netflix as part of the “Six Windows in the Desert” package. Recently, he just completed his first feature film. A 27 years old Saudi director, his passion and self-taught skills in filmmaking shaped up his career. His work has a distinctive comic touch and narrative vision consolidated through entertaining visually arresting and artistically innovative films. Faris passion is to tell stories stemming from his environment that reinforces the local culture from his unique point of view. He reside his job at Telfaz11 as a director to co-find Tape production as creative producer.