Short Package 4


Qatar, Sudan I 2018 I Arabic dialogue with English subtitles l 19 min

International premiere

After a failed attempt to make a documentary about a Sudanese woman who bleaches her skin, filmmaker Eiman Mirghani turns the camera around to discover her own relationship with her skin color and how it has affected her life as a young, Afro-Arab woman living in the Middle East.

Director: Eiman Mirghani
Writer: Eiman Mirghani
Cast: Eiman Mirghani
DOP: Hadeer Omar
Producer: Atheel El Malik

Screening: October 7th
16:45 Panora 2



Director: Eiman Mirghani

Eiman Mirghani is a Sudanese-Egyptian independent filmmaker based in Qatar. Upon graduating with a BA in Film Studies from the University of Nottingham, she began to write, direct and produce short films in Doha and Cairo. Eiman directed her second short film “The Bleaching Syndrome” under the mentorship of world-renowned filmmaker Rithy Panh in 2018.