Sustainable Production 101

Sunday May 8, 2022 10:00 – 13:00 at Scandic Triangeln Hotel

This workshop can be the jumpstart to your Green Production journey. This is where we can have the knowledge and skills to create productions in a more environmentally sustainable way.        This workshop subjects include:

  • Climate Change basics.
  • Industry’s impact.
  • Production case studies.

There will be time for personal reflection, small group conversation, activities, and debate throughout the workshop.

Bassam Alasad

Co-founder – Greener Screen 

Bassam Alasad is a producer, Green production and Impact consultant, and Producers Guild of America member. Currently, Bassam is working as the Managing Director of Creative Media Solutions, a Dubai-based media company. He produced and co-produced Projects in the past 15 years all around the region. His latest project is the upcoming Saudi film “Champions” as an executive producer. In 2014 Bassam started his green production journey and later co-founded Greener Screen a consultancy that supports the film industry in the region to become carbon-neutral.

Abeer Bayazidi

Director of Training and Content – Greener Screen

Abeer Bayazidi is the Training and Content Director of Greener Screen, where she works with filmmakers, writers, and content creators to educate, advocate and showcase environmental sustainability and social justice causes. Abeer believes that the media and audiovisual industry offer a great platform to host positive conversations and create awareness to causes of social justice and environmental sustainability through content. Abeer has 12+ years of diversified experience in Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, covering all aspects of outreach, communication, training, and running wider environment sustainability programs, to public relations and advocacy to heighten awareness and influence perspective.

Greener Screen Limited 

Greener Screen Limited is a social enterprise that aims to support the film, TV, and Digital media industries in becoming environmentally sustainable.As a member of the international sustainable production consortium and BAFTA’s Albert partner, greener screen is connected to an international network to help accelerate the knowledge-sharing process and to share the local experience with the international community.