Southern Sweden Creatives FIKA


Join Southern Sweden Creatives for a daily networking event where we will be serving coffee, tea and nibbles (aka Fika in Swedish). During the event, companies, festivals and organisations from southern Swedish film industry will present themselves. Come and mingle, find partners, network, and enjoy the talent that southern Sweden has to offer!

What is Fika? 

[ˈfiːˌka] is a concept in Swedish culture with the basic meaning “to have coffee or tea” often accompanied with pastries and/or nibbles. Swedes are known to do this several times a day, both at the office or with friends and family.

What is Southern Sweden Creatives? 

Southern Sweden Creatives is a three-year project that assists small and medium sized companies in the southern Swedish creative industries to grow internationally. The project is co-financed by the European Union Regional Development Fund and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Development.


Presenters, Oct 1st 

Andreas Climent, Neverday 

Neverday Film is a quickly growing production company based in Malmö, Sweden. We develop and produce feature films for the Swedish and international market (Origin, 2016), tv-series and commercials.

Melanie Aronson and Basel Mawlawi, Eyeing the World 

Eyeing the World is a full-service creative production company based in Malmö, Sweden offering an array of artistic storytelling services that range from documentary to fiction and everything in between.

Magnus Paulsson and Anders Banke, Solid Entertainment  

Solid Entertainment is a production company founded in 1996, based in Malmö, Sweden. We produce and co-produce features, documentaries as well as commercials, corporate films and music promos.



Presenters Oct 2nd 

Molly Sjöwall, WG FILM 

WG Film is a production company based in Malmö, Sweden, famous for strong humanitarian stories that have travelled around the world since 1994.

Christina Wallin and Ricardo Koanuka, Koanuka Films & Marketing

Stories tell the why’s behind brands through film, photo and content marketing.

Martin Persson, Anagram 

Anagram is a creative and visionary company that since the early 2000s has been running a continuous stream of film, TV and stage productions side-by-side.



Presenters Oct 3rd 

Daniel Lundquist, BUFF 

BUFF is the International Film Festival for Children and Young People in Malmö, founded in 1984.

Hanna Schedin, BoostHbg 

BoostHbg is a VR and transmedia incubator focusing on new story and buisness development in innovative media and film.

Joachim Hedén, Way Creative  

Way Creative Films is one of the leading production companies and post houses in southern Sweden.