France, Egypt, Lebanon I 2023 I Arabic dialogue with English subtitles l 15 min


After sixty years of marriage, Elias and Christiane live together without actually living with each other. Elias’s disease has forced him into a solitary world, while Christiane’s obligations, responsibilities and routine, lock her in a lonely world of her own. Their love is that of memories. Wanting to reconnect one last time, they’ll find themselves in a world where time is frozen, where the atmosphere is warm and the music from their first encounter resonates around them.

Nordic premiere

Screening: April 25th 18:30 Panora 2

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Director: Dahlia Nemlich
Writer: Dahlia Nemlich
Cast: Siham Haddad, Zaven Baaklini, Tamara Khoury, Etienne Assal, Dana Mikhail
Dop: Karim El Ali
Producer: Marine Vaillant, Muhammad Taymour



Is a French-­Lebanese award-­winning director and producer currently based in Beirut. In 2020, Dahlia directed her first fiction film titled Roadblock, a 16 minutes short, produced by Marine Vaillant of Dewberries Films, written by Pascale Seigneurie, featuring acclaimed actor Julian Farhat, and shot during the Lebanese Revolution. The film won the silver FIFOG and the Khayrallah Prize in 20022. She just completed her second short film, Somewhere in Between, produced by Dewberries Films and Chaos Film, distributed by Manifest and Creative Media Solutions. She is currently developing her first feature film, Assa, a fish in a bowl,  selected at LIM residency (Le Groupe Ouest) in 2022, at LabMed (Meditalent) in 2023 as well as CineGouna Platform in 2023, produced by Marine Vaillant through Special Touch Studios.