United Arab Emirates I 2017 I Arabic dialogue with English subtitles l 21 min

Sama is in denial over the recent death of her twin brother, Mousa. On the first birthday anniversary following his passing, she finally decides to visit his grave to fulfil an old promise. However; the cemetery guard objects to her staying past sunset. Sama sneaks back in determined, least expecting that her second encounter with the guard, is her wake up call to submit to her loss.

Director: Hind Anabtawi
Writer: Hind Anabtawi, Marah Najjar, Taline Alrasheed
Cast: Mahmoud Abu Abbas, Hala Budeir
DOP: Peter G. Moussa

Screening: December 1st 16:30 Folkets bio Zita



Director: Hind Anabtawi

Hind Anabtawi is a Jordanian Palestinian filmmaker. She is currently based in the UAE, where she pursued her Digital Production and Storytelling degree at the American University in Dubai.