Saudi Arabia, Sweden I 2023 I Arabic, Urdu, Tigrinya dialogue with English subtitles l 10 min


A lonely grandmother living in a neighborhood full of strangers must confront her stubbornly independent nature when she accidentally causes a pot of boiling rice to overflow, turning into a flood threatening her house.

Nordic premiere

Screening: April 26th 18:00 Panora 2

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Director: Afnan Bawyan
Writer: Afnan Bawyan
Cast: Amal Alamoudi, Sophia Hassan, Abdulhameed Aalem, Amal Al-Awlaki, Madina Keder, Yousef M. Jazzar, Leleyan Khlid Alharaz
Dop: Jeroen Zijlstra
Producer: Afnan Bawyan, Mariam Khayat


Is a Saudi director and screenwriter. She worked on several Saudi feature-length live-action films that were produced by Ithra Center for World Culture, the Red Sea International Film Festival, and Netflix. ‘Saleeg’ (2023) is her debut film, she is currently developing her first feature film ‘Photographer of Madina’.