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Morning, a small city in Algeria where a free runner practices.

Sonia, 45, singer, prepares to go perform at a wedding party in a small city in Algeria. Kamel, 35, her husband and manager is not in a good mood today. Sonia and Kamel work together but their private relationship is over. Around 9 am, they take the road toward the marriage hall.
Salima, 30, is insomniac since a few years so she gets late to the marriage hall kitchen’s where she gives a hand. And this morning was even worse because there were no public transportations. The old cook berates her for bringing her daughter Nedjma with her as well. But Salima as a single mother (unmarried) has no one to
take care of her daughter. The old cook knows everything about Salima’s situation so she doesn’t insist.
Kamila, 25, the bride, feels nostalgic about her youth. She spent hours wrapping her things and offered her books and university notes to female students during the day. Her mother is upset because Kamila looses time with nonsense problems.

Producer & Director:

Fatma Zohra is a scriptwriter, director and producer.
She teached in Universities from 2004 to 2010. Fatma Zohra Zamoum was born in Bordj-Ménaiel in the north of Algeria. After attending the Fine Arts School in Algiers (1985–1988), she went to Paris where she graduated in Art History and Cinematography and Audiovisual Studies from the Sorbonne in 1995. She divides her time between Algiers and Paris, pursuing her principal interests, painting, fiction and the cinema.

In 2011, she produced a second feature film Kedach Ethabni (Combien tu m’aimes) which tells the story of how little Adel copes with a period spent with his grandmother after his parents break up. In 2014 she directed a historical docu drama for Algerian television. Since then she is developping new projects.



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