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Welcome to the largest film festival on Arab Cinema in Europe!

Accreditation is now open to professional journalist and photographers. Make your accreditation HERE! Create an account and request your accreditation. 

The 11th annual Malmo Arab Film Festival will take place in Malmo on April 6-11, 2021. The festival will see thousands of cinema-goers from Malmö and the region as well as famous actors, directors, producers and film professionals attend the festival in Malmö to enjoy the year’s greatest films from the Arab world.

Press Service is asking all accredited journalists and photographers to send copies of published material about the Malmö Arab Film Festival to as soon as possible after publication. The decision regarding renewal of accreditation is based partly on this material.

All festival films
With a press accreditation, you will have full access to all of the screenings – note however that you always must collect tickets to the films first! During the 5 festival days, the festival will screen around 80 feature films, documentaries and short films. Including the most important and recognized new films from the Arab region, as well as a strong selection of films coming from all over the world that deal with questions related to Arabic culture, identity and diaspora. A majority of the films in the program has their Swedish, Nordic or International premiere’s.

Malmö Industry Days
MID is a unique platform for the Nordic and the Arab film industries providing opportunities and introducing initiatives to facilitate distribution and co-productions. The initiative is designed to promote cultural exchange and cooperation between the Nordic countries and the Arab world in the area of the film. The goal is to bring together producers, financiers and film professionals through informative and practical program activities, pitching venues, network sessions and much more. You will have full access to all activities during MID, that is not internal.

Seminars, Master Classes, and Special Events
The festival has a wide program with seminars, master classes and special events. You will have full access to your press accreditation.  

Interview bookings
Our press department will help you to book interviews with the festival guests, and will also assist you with documents, pictures, trailers etc if possible. More information about the guests attending the festival will be announced well before a start.