Networking Sessions

MAFF Industry Days (MID) is an integral part of the Malmö Arab Film Festival, offering a dynamic environment for meaningful interaction and exploration of the Arab cinema landscape. MID serves as a unique meeting point where the Arab and Nordic film industries converge, fostering collaboration and creating networking opportunities.

One of the key objectives of MID is to facilitate networking sessions that bring together film professionals from around the world. These sessions provide a platform for industry players to connect, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations and co-productions. By bringing together professionals from the Arab and Nordic regions, MID aims to bridge cultural gaps and encourage cross-border partnerships that can lead to the development of new projects.

Through networking sessions, MID seeks to create tangible outcomes by facilitating collaborations and co-productions. By connecting filmmakers, producers, distributors, and other industry professionals, MID aims to foster meaningful partnerships that can result in joint film projects and new distribution opportunities. These collaborations have the potential to bring together diverse perspectives, resources, and expertise, enriching the filmmaking process and expanding the reach of Arab cinema.

MID’s focus on networking is driven by the belief that productive and lasting connections can lead to mutual growth and development in the film industry. By providing a platform for professionals to meet, share knowledge, and explore potential collaborations, MID contributes to the vitality and sustainability of the Arab and Nordic film industries.

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