Networking Sessions

MAFF Industry Days run alongside MAFF and provide a dynamic environment for fruitful interaction and discovery of the world of Arab cinema. MID acts as a unique meeting point between the Arab and Nordic film industries. MID has different networking sessions with various film professionals from all over the world. The focus is to create networking opportunities that will result in tangible collaborations and co‐productions and new distribution opportunities.

Saturday, May 7, 2022, 15:00 –  16:00 at Scandic Triangeln Hotel

How to prioritize the financial budget disbursement for micro filmmaking.

Discussing the financial dilemma of making a low-budget film and how young filmmakers would distribute the available budget to reach the optimum outcome, as well as negotiating good deals and helpful collaborations.

Keeping up with the new forms and platforms of storytelling and embracing them in filmmaking.

With the rapid change and innovation of forms of storytelling, it is a challenge for filmmakers to keep up with the pace while maintaining the quality of their work.

The role of distributors in festivals selections, and how to approach the suitable distributor for your film.

While filmmakers get lost in applying for hundreds of inadvisable festivals, a good distributor knows exactly where to go.

What do funders look for in your project?

Each film funder has a specific vision when it comes to what to invest in. It would help the filmmakers to know what they need to highlight while applying for a fund.

Specifying the director’s authority to be commensurate with the scriptwriter and cast’s visions.

It’s normal for any inconvenience to occur when the director, scriptwriter, and the cast have different visions. Creating a certain frame of everyone’s role helps in keeping the filming process smoother.

Keep on track after your debut.

As a filmmaker’s debut gets the aspired exposure and success, sometimes they are not aware of how to build up on it which leads to their retreat.

How to find a suitable project partner.

Many producers and filmmakers are looking for each other. New ideas for networking would promise better cooperation.

The key role of festivals Industry Segment and how it supports filmmakers.

Industry segments have become one of the most important parts of a film festival, for their role of actual support for filmmakers.