Malmö Arab Film Festival honors director Khairy Beshara and announces the juries for its fourteenth edition.

Malmö – 03-04-2023

Malmö Arab Film Festival announced the honoring of the prominent Egyptian director Khairy Beshara for his body of work. The tribute will take place during the opening ceremony of the fourteenth edition, scheduled to be held between April 22nd and 28th in the city of Malmö, Sweden. Additionally, the festival selected Beshara to chair the jury for the feature films.

Khairy Beshara, a prominent Egyptian filmmaker, has been active in redefining realism in Egyptian cinema. He graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema in 1967 and received a two-year scholarship in Poland. He has produced numerous narrative and documentary films that have won several awards, including “The Collar and the Bracelet,” “A Day Like Any Other,” and “Ice Cream in Gleem.” He is considered one of the pioneers of digital filmmaking in the Arab world and has directed three musical plays. His first novel, “Chinese Pride,” was published in 2023, and he is currently working on its adaptation into a film.