MAFF in Skåne

MAFF in Skåne is a project that promotes access to contemporary Arabic quality cinema for a broad public throughout the Skåne region, through offering schools, public libraries and associations the possibility to screen a selection of Arab films, completely free of charge. MAFF believes that Skåne’s cultural life ought to reflect the region’s great diversity, with its rich multitude of peoples, cultural backgrounds and life stories. Through the project, MAFF therefore seeks to diversify and decentralise the cultural offering in Skåne. The project has been running since 2017, supported by Region Skåne, the City of Malmö and the Swedish Film Institute. 


The project is currently running (autumn 2021 to spring 2022). 

Are you a librarian, teacher or member of a film club or an association, and would like to screen Arabic quality films, free of charge? 

You find the catalogue for public libraries and non-profit associations here.

You find the catalogue for school screenings here.

For inquiries and booking, please contact Sara Lundgren (