Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan | 2023 | Arabic dialogue with English subtitles l 117 min


Hajjan is both an adventure story and a moving account of the deep bond that can develop between human and animal. Matar is the youngest child in a Saudi family of camel jockeys. When his brother falls during a race and is killed, Matar is supposed to move in with family in the city while his own camel, Hofara, is sold for meat. Instead he becomes a jockey himself, working for a ruthless racing baron until he and Hofara are forced to go on the run together, making a life-threatening journey through the desert in search of freedom and a better life. Shot largely in Tabuk on Saudi’s Red Sea coast.

Nordic premiere

Red carpet: April 27th 17:00 Royal

MAFF Awards: April 27th 17:45 Royal

Screening: April 27th 18:30 Royal

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Director: Abu Bakr Shawky
Writer: Mufarrij Almajfel, Omar Shama, Abu Bakr Shawky
Cast: Omar Al Atawi, Azzam Nemr, Toleen Barbood, Abdulmohsen Alnemr, Shaimaa Al Tayeb, Ibrahim Alhasawi, Mohamed Hilal
Dop: Gerry Vasbenter
Producer: Majed Z. Samman, Mohamed Hefzy


Is an Egyptian Austrian writer and director who studied film at the New York University Tisch School of the Arts and Egypt’s High Institute of Cinema. His works include the short films El Mosta’mara (09), The Road to Atalia (10), Martyr Friday (11), and Things I Heard on Wednesdays (12), and the features 30/30 Vision: 3 Decades of Strand Releasing (10) and Yomeddine (18). Hajjan (23) is his latest film.