Short / Development Funding

Sweden \ English, Arabic, Swedish \ 15 minutes

Director and producer: Naures Sager
Production Company: The Uneven


“Habib & The Thief” follows the intimate relationship between Habib and Amir, their strong bond is undeniable. Unfortunately, it isn’t the time for their love in this lifetime as Amir, pressured by his family, chooses to marry a woman. Their breakup encourages Habib who decides to come out to his own parents.

Naures Sager

Naures was born in Bulgaria from Iraqi parents. He grew up in Lund but has lived in Gothenburg, Tokyo, San Francisco, Minneapolis and New York. Naures Sager has a Bachelor in Film Production from University West in Trollhättan, Sweden. For ten years, he worked on several film productions before he started making his own films. His record holds several short films and has spent the last three years writing the script for his trilogy “Yara”, “Zeki” and “Kian”. His short film ”I Am Reva” premiered at Göteborg International Film Festival in 2014.