Feature / Post-production

Morocco \ Arabic, French, English \ 93 minutes

Director: Hassan Benjelloun
Producers: Hassan Benjelloun, Rachida Saadi
Production Company: Janaprod, Bentaqerla


Karim, a Palestinian man and Sirine, a French woman have to cross the border separating Morocco from Algeria in order to join their band and give a concert in Oran. Because of the absurdity of the rules at the national borders, they find themselves trapped on a bridge in the middle of a No Man’s Land

Hassan Benjelloun

Moroccan writer, director and producer Hassan BENJELLOUN was born in 1950. True to his love for art and cinema, he decided to return in 1980 to Paris to study Directing and Film Making at the “Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français” (CLCF). Concerned about the problems of Moroccan society, Hassan tackles social subjects such as women’s rights, the years of Lead, the exodus of Moroccan Jews .. Together with 4 filmmakers, he established “Casablanca’s group” through which he directed 5 films, among them his first feature “Wedding for Others”. He was awarded several prizes, which earned him great notoriety and national and international recognition. Hassan has produced and directed eight feature films and four TV Movies that have been well received by the public.

Rachida Saadi

Passionate about cinema, Rachida Saadi made her first steps on sets in 1999.  In 2007, she created her own company “Janaprod” where she produced the first feature film of Selma Bargach’ “The 5th string ” and several short films from young directors. She co-produced four feature films by Moroccan directors: Mohamed Nadif, Hassan Benjelloun, Mohamed Zineddaine and Mohamed Mouftakir.